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The Hive Winery and Brandy Company
Utah's Artisan Winery and First Brandy Distillary

It's All About the Craft!

The Hive Winery is a small "boutique" winery specializing in premium "non-grape" Gluten Free fruit wines and honey wines (known as Meads and Melomels) as well as Gluten Free Hard Apple Ciders. The Hive Winery creates small batches of local and specialty wines throughout the year bringing you a variety of luscious experiences for your taste buds.

Likewise, The Hive Brandy Company is a spin-off of our existing winery. We are taking the art of being a micro-distillery to a new level of small, so small in fact we consider ourselves to be a “nano”-distillery, producing just 12 to 16 barrels per YEAR. Born from a desire to have access to high quality fruit Brandy for use in fortifying wines, and our “well, why not attitude”, The Hive Brandy Company produces premium fruit brandy, liquors and other spirits.

Located in Layton, Utah, The Hive Winery and Brandy Company is close to sources of wonderful fresh fruit and local honey. That being said, our wines and spirits are 100% natural! We NEVER use artifical flavors or colors when creating our wines or spirits. We also strive to  choose the most environmentally responsible ways of producing our products.

With over 55 different wines, 9 Hard Apple Ciders, 6 Liqueur, and 8 Brandy selections so far rotating through production year to year, you're sure to find a favorite!

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