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Welcome to
The Hive Winery and Brandy Company
Utah's Artisan Winery and First Brandy Distillery

It's All About  the Craft!

Our Story

Jay & Lori Yahne with product sampesThe Hive Winery is the result of two engineers with an enjoyment of wine making and a certain level of insanity. Jay and Lori Yahne have always enjoyed making wine as a hobby. During a very slow time in the economy, an offhanded remark about turning wine making into a career spiraled into the realization of this unique winery and brandy distillery. The Hive Brandy Company is a spin-off resulting from our desire to product premium fruit “ports”. Traditional ports are made by blending wine with brandy to provide a higher alcohol content, but since we were unwilling to compromise the flavors of our fruit wines by blending them with a “neutral spirit” and could not find a place to import quality fruit brandy, we started making it in-house. The result is a line of premium true fruit brandies in addition to providing the blending products for some unique fruit ports

The Hive Winery is Utah's Artisan winery specializing in fruit and honey wineFamily Home Evening Collection of Wines.s using local products. We are truly committed to the Craft of our work and are very hands on with each step of the process. Our wines are designed to complement any meal and vary in sweetness levels from dry to sweet. We also strive to be environmental responsibility where we can from recycling our own bottles to making energy efficient building upgrades which we feel in turn will help make our world a better place for everyone.

Our seasonal wine batches vary from 10 to 300 gallons which will produce 50 to 1500 bottles per batch. This micro-batching allows for the availability of a larger variety of wines throughout the year. Currently we have over 45 different wines, bringing you memorable moments with some of your favorite fruits and flavors. The distillery produces similarly small volumes with large vanities, and has added another 40 or so products to the seasonal selections that are produced for sale in our facility.

Black Currants on the plantUtah has a strong agricultural heritage, and we are proud to help support that heritage, crafting our wines using fruit and honey from local farmers as much as possible. Currently our suppliers include Yack Brothers Honey in Roosevelt, Week's Berries of Paradise in Cache Valley, Talbot Orchards in Kaysville, Pettingill's Fruit Farm in Willard, Rowley's Red Barn in Santiquin, Frost Family Farms in Layton, Days Farms in Layton, Payson Fruit Growers CO-OP,along with other local farms along the Wasatch Front. We believe in living local which means making every effort to support our local farmers and producers.

Although we do make wine with a lot of different fruits, we have one simple Bing Cherries on the Treegoverning guideline for the fruit we use - if we won't drink it, we won't make it.


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