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As it says above, it's all about the craft.  We love creating and crafting and to date we have created close to 100 different products, which means we can't possibly have all of our products available all of the time. We  do have a core of products that are typically available, but our seasonal products are constantly changing, and we can't predict how long they will stay around.

Regardless of the flavor, one thing you will never find in our products in artificial colors or flavors. The flavors and colors you find in our product are a direct result of the flavorful, colorful, fruits and juices used to create them.


Newest Releases

Joint Logo final_brandy_hive Upcoming Releases:

  • Rhubarb Wine - January 2019
  • Gone Fishing Session Mead - January 2019
  • Eccentric Engineer Creative Blends: Black Currant Coffee Liqueur - Late January 2019
  • Peach Stinger - Late January 2019
  • Zion Curtain Raspberry Wine - February 2019
  • Corgi Kisses Cherry Licker: Black Cherry Liqueur - February 2019


Rhubarb Wine
Bottles of Rhubarb WineA surprisingly complex wine with the characteristics of a dry rosť wine. This unique wine welcomes you with a slightly sweet nose capturing the essence of berries and floral notes. However, don't let the nose fool you, this wine is unexpectedly dry with only a hint of sweetness which complements the berry notes in the wine. A soft and smooth wine with a slight tartness and subtle spice on the finish. Try it paired with blue cheese to really bring out the berry notes in the wine.
750 ml Bottle- $19.95
375 ml Bottle - $13.95

Currently Available


Aged Pear Brandy

       Released December 20, 2018DSC_1014
A rich and intense pear nose and golden brown color announce the arrival of this fantastic brandy. With an amazingly smooth finish the elegant pear flavor is perfectly complemented by the oak and vanilla notes imparted by the French oak.  The distiller recommends sipping this carefully crafted spirit from a large brandy snifter. This is not a sweet liquor, but a true brandy at 40% Alcohol by volume (80 proof).

750 ml - $44.95

Currently Available

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