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Welcome to
The Hive Winery and Brandy Company
Utah's Artisan Winery and First Brandy Distillery

It's All About  the Craft!

COVID 19 Information:

Yes! Our Store is Open for Sales. Come on in and pick up a bottle of your favorite Hive Winery Products. We are open Monday to Saturday from 11:30 AM to 6:30 PM. Closed Sundays & Holidays.

UPDATE June 12 , 2021:  Tasting Room Remains Closed

 Since our tasting room was closed anyway, we have started on a substantial remodel of the tasting room and retail space. The project is well underway but nowhere near finished, therefore although the COVID situation is improving, our Tasting Room remains closed until further notice. Our tasting room will be about 2 times larger, so look for a whole new tasting experience when we are able to reopen.

Our lines are short to non-existent so social distancing is easy here. We take care to disinfect early and often. We want all our customers to be safe and healthy because we love and respect you all.

Thanks for your understanding & continued support

The Wines, Ciders, & Spirits of 
The Hive Winery and Brandy Company

As it says above, it's all about the craft.  We love creating and crafting and to date we have created  over 125 different products, which means we can't possibly have all of our products available all of the time. We  do have a core of products that are typically available, but our seasonal products are constantly changing, and we can't predict how long they will stay around.

Regardless of the flavor, one thing you will never find in our products in artificial colors or flavors. The flavors and colors you find in our product are a direct result of the flavorful, colorful, fruits and juices used to create them.

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Upcoming Releases:

Newest Releases


Peach Honey Wine
Released June  10th 2021Peach Honey Web
This addition to our Melomel line up is a truly luxurious wine. With a inviting aroma of fresh peaches and warm honey, this delightful  wine is a reason to treat yourself. This wine has a smooth and elegant finish with fresh fruity peach flavors layered in rich honey that lingers but is not heavy or overpowering. Indulge yourself today.
750 ml Bottle- $29.95
375 ml Bottle - $19.95

Currently Available

Hard Cider


Not So Hazy Now
    India Pale Ale Spirit
Released June 10th 2021no_longer_hazy_fr
A unique spirit, proudly crafted from 2 Row Brewing’s Hazy IPA’s. We distilled this beer and aged it for 2 years in used bourbon barrels (from Sugarhouse Distillery), the result is a  spirit with a clean finish allowing the fruity tones of the beer to shine through and finishing with a lingering malty, whisky note.
750 ml - $59.95

Currently Available

Session Mead

Lemon Session Mead
Released February 11th 202
”Lemonator”,  is our take on a “Summer Shandy”, a lemon sessions mead that is easy drinking with a front forward lemon and all the great honey tones our meads are know for boosting the overall body and flavor..
12 oz Bottle - $4.99

Currently Available
Lemonator 1

A Hand Crafted Drinking Experience!

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