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Layton, Utah 84041

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Welcome to
The Hive Winery and Brandy Company
Utah's Artisan Winery and First Brandy Distillery

It's All About  the Craft!

COVID 19 Information:

Yes! Our Store is Open for Sales. Come on in and pick up a bottle of your favorite Hive Winery Products. We are open Monday to Saturday from 11:30 AM to 6:30 PM. Closed Sundays & Holidays.

UPDATE June 12 , 2021:  Tasting Room Remains Closed

 Since our tasting room was closed anyway, we have started on a substantial remodel of the tasting room and retail space. The project is well underway but nowhere near finished, therefore although the COVID situation is improving, our Tasting Room remains closed until further notice. Our tasting room will be about 2 times larger, so look for a whole new tasting experience when we are able to reopen.

Our lines are short to non-existent so social distancing is easy here. We take care to disinfect early and often. We want all our customers to be safe and healthy because we love and respect you all.

Thanks for your understanding & continued support


Tasting Room WebFounded in 2010, The Hive Winery and Brandy Company is a small "boutique" winery and craft distillery, specializing in premium "non-grape" fruit wines, honey wines (known as Meads and Melomels), hard apple ciders, brandies, and specialty spirits.  We create small batches of  locally sourced wines, ciders, and spirits throughout the year bringing you a variety of luscious experiences for your taste buds.

As a small produce winery who's  owners love to create, we have the ability to create wines and products you are unlikely to fine elsewhere. We are all about the craft of our work.  While we do produce some larger batches of wine for sale in the state stores it is not at all uncommon to see 30 gallon seasonal batches that are only available for a short time. As a craft distillery we  are taking the art of being a micro-distillery to a new level of small, so small in fact we consider ourselves to be a “nano”-distillery, producing just 16 to 30 barrels per YEAR. (If you want to get your hands on a truly rare product come get a bottle of our brandy.) Born from a desire to have access to high quality fruit Brandy for use in fortifying wines, and our “Well, why not attitude” the brandy company had added a wide variety of products to our already extensive selection of wines and ciders.

We  challenge you to explore something new. If you think you know all about fruit wines, think again, we craft a unique style of fruit wine, ranging from dry to sweet, many far dryer than other fruit wines on the market.  Our brandies are true brandies, which means they are a hard spirit not unlike rum or whiskey, not the sweet products many people think are brandies.

Building FrontLocated in Layton, Utah, The Hive Winery and Brandy Company is close to sources of wonderful fresh fruit and local honey. We work closely with local farmers to get fruit at its peek and support the agricultural industry of Utah. That being said, our wines and spirits are 100% natural! We NEVER use artificial flavors or colors when creating our wines or spirits. Additionally, since our products are made from fruit and/or honey, they are all naturally gluten free.

With well over 110 different products, Wines,  Meads, Hard Apple Ciders,  Specialty Spirits, Liqueurs, and Brandy, so far, rotating through production year to year, you're sure to find a favorite!

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